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Duane “Morgan” Wilhite was a member

of the Jolly Joey’s Clown Alley (JJCA) in

San Antonio, Texas. We were proud to

have him as a member of our Alley.

He was an outstanding magician and

clown. Always willing to share with

Alley members and officers all his

talents and his knowledge in

administrative duties. Morgan was a

giving individual. These last few years

he was known to bring and give away

books and props for both magic and

clowning routines. He was always

ready to provide Alley members,

especially the young ones, with

instructions on how a particular prop was used in a routine.

Duane was a retired Air Force officer and a member of many military affiliated organizations. Since 1980 and during his travels Duane performed as “Morgan” in the states from Coast to Coast and also in Korea, Philippines and Japan, including at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. He was a member of the Internat’l Brotherhood of Magicians, Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Texas Assoc. of Magicians and a Board member of the Texas Clown Assoc. He was also on the Board of Directors for the So. Central Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Assoc. and the San Antonio USO.

In 1983 Morgan met Joel Barez, World Clown Assoc. (WCA) Past-President, who introduced him to WCA, he has been a member ever since. He was currently serving as WCA’s South-West Regional Dir. and often attended WCA conventions. Most recently he traveled to some of the states in his region and attended some of the regional events and Alleys in those regions. A poem written by Duane, “Why Me”? was published on page 39 in the Sept. 2015 issue of ‘Clowning Around’. Although Morgan had disabilities these were never an issue for him, he and his service dog “Hero” didn’t slow down much, always giving 100% wherever they went.

Duane was a widower he had four children and sixteen grandchildren. He had a heart attack on his way to a granddaughter’s wedding when he died on Dec. 20, 2015. All who knew Morgan will remember him as an educator and a mentor but most of all we’ll all remember him as our friend.

See-You-On-Down-the-Road Morgan!

Duane "Morgan" Wilhite

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