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Edward “WERO” Arispe devoted his earlier life to serving in the

US Army. He was a combat soldier in Vietnam and received 

numerous metals for his tour of duty there as well as other

assignments.  He was proud of his service in the military and was 

proud to be an American. Edward had his roots in Texas and retiring

after 22 years in the military, he returned home to San Antonio

where he had been born and had spent his childhood.  One of the

joys of his life was when he met “Tootsie”, whom he has been

married to for 17 years.  The other great joy of his life was

discovering the world of clowning. He earned there was a

Clowning 101 class in San Antonio and knew that was the direction

he wanted to take the next phase of his life. After graduating clown

school he joined the Jolly Joeys Clown Alley of San Antonio and has

been clowning for over 13 years. His wife “Tootsie” has been a

strong  supporter of WERO’s clowning and is an associate member

of the alley. He has been one of the most active clowns,

participating at the Children’s Shelter, Nursing Homes, Special

Needs Events, Parades, Missionary Work, anywhere he could spread Joy and Laughter.  His family, friends, and fellow clowns have many fond memories of him. Here are a few that his clown friends have shared.“I think the clown was in there

long before he became a clown. Whether he was in clown or not, the clown was who he was. He always had a joke and he liked to play. (Diana “Buttons” McCurtain).  “Among his favorite roles was laying the “good fairy” in the “Little Bunny Foo Foo” skit. The kids and adults loved seeing him in a pink tutu, fairy wings, a wand, and dancing across the room. The minute he walked into a room, he would yell “Is Everyone Happy???” He was an inspiration and gave from the heart.” (Inez "Pandorfus”  Esquivel).  “He was not only a clown with  a big heart, but a person with a big heart. We use to call him the tamale clown, because he always wanted to bring tamales for our alley social events.” (Reina “Queeny” Eaton). “I loved seeing “WERO” ride his cool scooter. He found a card board car that fit right over the scooter, so it looked like he was driving a miniature car. He attached calliope pipes on the back and would play clown music.The kids would have huge smiles when he would drive past them!” (Donna “Donnabelle” Manna).  We are sure he is in heaven Spreading Joy and Laughter, Handing Out Red Noses, and Twisting Balloon Animals. He will be missed.

Edward "Wero" Arispe

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