The Jolly Joeys 
                 Clown Alley   

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Saturday, May 18

Time TBA: Boerne Main Plaza.

Requested balloons, walk around, face painting, glitter tattoos.

Boss Clown: PATCHES

Clowns Needed: Pandorfus

Friday, May 24

11am-2 pm: Mission Road Ministries 706 Mission Road

Face painting, balloons, walkaround.

Boss Clown: Pandorfus

Clowns Needed.

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Monday May 27

11am-2pm: Morgan’s Wonderland

Glitter Tattoos, Walk Around and Face painting

No Clown makeup! Happy Attire!

Boss Clown: Pandorfus

Volunteers needed.

Thursday June 5

10am- 1pm: Randolph AFB

Balloons, Face Painting, walk around, Glitter tattoos

Boss Clown: Pandorfus

Clowns needed.

Wednesday June 6

10am-1:00 pm: JBSA Keith A Campbell Memorial Library 3011 Harney Path, Bldg 1222 JBSA Fort Sam, 78234

Balloons, face painting, glitter tattoos and walkaround.

Boss Clown Pandorfus Need Clowns.

More details on gigs available on the gig sheet; Check your email!

If you would like to sign up for a gig contact Pandorfus

Boss Clown Duties:

Boss Clown verify all info with POC Person If you’re boss clown please make sure you call the contact person 1 to 2 weeks in advance and go over the everything on the gig sheet with them. Make sure there are no errors. Do not take the Master Gig Sheets from the meetings. Use your phone to snapshot the gig sheet info or I can email you a copy. POC are waiting for an update and confirmation, so please call them. After the event call me back with an update of the event, who attended, event progress, etc for JJCA records. Thank you!